Octopus InfoTech has been included in the IT Service Providers Reference List under the Distance Business (“D-Biz”) Programme


The recent epidemic has affected the whole world, and the operation of all enterprises in Hong Kong has been greatly affected.  The Hong Kong SAR Government has launched the second round of Anti-epidemic fund for the affected individuals and enterprises.  The “Distance Business Programme” (D-Biz) provides funding support for enterprises to adopt IT solutions for developing distance business through fast-track processing with an applicable amount of 500 million Dollars in total.  Funding ceiling for each IT solution and the relevant training expenses for employees is HK$100,000 and each enterprise may receive total funding of up to HK$300,000. 

Eligible IT solutions include: opening of online business, human resources management systems, online marketing, online training systems, and video conferencing solutions, etc.

Octopus has been providing solutions to different organizations and well-known brands, including the online video conferencing system Octonar, and the online training management system iTeach®.  From consultation to maintenance and support, Octopus comprehensively helps different industries to make good use of technology, walking hand in hand, to go through the adversity together.

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Our Technical Director, Mr Hillman Tam is now writing a column in Metro Education Plus

【網上研討會 CoE Webinar】校長老師分享 解決在家學習難題




【STREAM學習】簡單小遊戲學編程 同時訓練邏輯思維


【網上研討會 CoE Webinar】校長老師分享 解決在家學習難題

【網上研討會 CoE Webinar】校長老師分享 解決在家學習難題


*Published in the monthly magazine of HKFEW