iTeach® LMS
Instant Interactive e-Learning Platform



iTeach® is a Learning Management System which combines “e-textbooks”, “e-classrooms”, “e-schoolbags”, “interactive classroom discussion and quiz game platforms”, “Digital Learning System”, “DIY School Publication System”, “Flipped Classroom Lecture Capture System” and “Class Management System” in one.  iTeach® allows instant interactive learning amongst teachers and students anytime and anywhere.  It also provides the features of the advanced school intranet, such as checking attendance records, issuing and receiving signed notices, submitting and distributing homework, etc.  iTeach® can fully satisfy the needs of future development of e-learning.

iTeach® Introductory Video


Through the platform, teachers can:

  • Quickly assess student’s abilities and performance
  • Instantly respond to student’s questions
    and correct their mistakes
  • Conduct interactive discussions anytime and anywhere
  • Upload and download classwork and homework
  • Synchronize screens in class
  • Have full control of teaching progress
  • Easy to make great tutorials
  • Mark homework and quizzes
  • Customize teaching materials

Students’ benefits include:

  • Submit homework
  • Conduct quick data search
  • Check their own learning progress
  • Ask questions anytime and anywhere
  • Download class notes
  • Facilitate self-learning
  • Conduct collaborative learning and peer review with classmates in the cloud
  • Share learning progress with parents

Parents’ benefits include:

  • Review and track children’s learning progress anytime and anywhere
  • Communicate with school

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