Octonar™ Video Conference System



Octonar is a video conference platform. With Octonar™, you can conduct video conference with your colleagues and customers anytime and anywhere.  Octonar is also perfect for video teaching at schools or education centres.

Octonar™ Features

  • Support video conferencing for 100 people per room without time limit
  • Just use weblinks, no installation is needed
  • Store list of participants (roll call)
  • Grouping
  • Point-to-point encryption, using the most secure protocol WebRTC
  • Synchronize of artboards
  • Synchronize and saving of notes
  • Synchronize of files, images, option of download permission
  • Synchronize of YouTube playing
  • Hand raising and mood expression
  • Mute control
  • Voting
  • Video recording
  • Server set up in Hong Kong and can provide service to students in China; can also set up Webinar server for schools (including security assessment and support)

Teaching Videos