iTeach® LMS Instant Interactive e-Learning Platform

iTeach® is a Learning Management System which combines “e-textbooks”, “e-classrooms”, “e-schoolbags”, “interactive classroom discussion and quiz game platforms”, “Digital Learning System”, “DIY School Publication System”, “Flipped Classroom Lecture Capture System” and “Class Management System” in one. 

iTeach® Business Learning Management System (LMS)

iTeach® LMS is a cloud-based interactive learning platform that can be used across platforms, compatible with international standards, and it provides high-tech, innovative and interactive teaching resources.  iTeach® LMS is also equipped with excellent features that can meet the training needs of different businesses or government departments.

Big Data

Convergence of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Using AI to correct compositions and dictations can save manpower and material resources for the education system, improve education efficiency, and allow teachers to focus more on guiding students.  Additionally, through the establishment of a big data management system, schools can more effectively use AI for various aspects of assessment, which helps schools to formulate and refine their curricula.

Full Experience VR360°

VR-Showbox is a DIY interactive platform that specializes in making VR360° teaching materials.  Simply upload the 360° panoramic pictures or videos to VR-Showbox and use the built-in tools to set up the interactive elements, and your ideal Virtual Reality Tour is created.


iOPub® Educational e-Publishing System

The iOPub® Educational e-Publishing System is the world’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for developing instant interactive e-Textbooks and e-learning resources. With only basic computer knowledge, publishers and teachers can use simple drag-and-drop techniques to easily and quickly develop e-Textbooks and eLearning resources that are cross-platform, interactive, media-rich and 100% compliant with Hong Kong Education Bureau’s eRTL (e-Textbook Recommeded Textbook List) technical requirements.

WordCheckAI® Chinese & English AI-Powered Auto-dictation Platform

WordCheckAI® Chinese Four-character Idioms Learning Platform

Chinese AI-Powered Auto-dictation Platform Personal Version

Most students feel anxious about recitation and dictation, but these are essential for learning. An auto-dictation platform can help students to reduce the pressure thus created. WordCheckAI® is a Chinese AI-Powered Auto-dictation Platform. In addition to the school version, we have also created a personal version; no installation is needed for web version and mobile version can be downloaded from App Store or Play Store.

iBrainAI® Big Data Analytics System

iBrainAI® is a big data analytics system, providing schools with a perfect solution for assessment, data processing and data analytics.


iBrainPro® - Integrated eLearning Platform

Octopus is committed to promote e-learning and has created iBrainPro®, a one-stop e-Learning and education platform which combines gamification and instant interactive discussion. It perfectly fits all schools, groups, enterprises and individuals.

iCanvas® Flipped Classroom Lecture Capture System

iCanvas® is the world’s first flipped classroom lecture capture system. It allows teachers to easily develop cross-platform multi-media lectures as if counting 1,2,3.  Teachers can upload text files, images, audio files, video clips, powerpoints, weblinks, etc. to the system and use a complete set of drawing and editing tools to create dynamic, fun and interesting lectures and share them through a dedicated Cloud to students using various devices.


Video Conference System

Octonar is a video conference platform. With Octonar™, you can conduct video conference with your colleagues and customers anytime and anywhere.  Octonar is also perfect for video teaching at schools or education centres.

IT x STEM Tutorial

Octopus collaborates with publishers to develop the IT x STEM Tutorial which combines IT with STEM contents and is compliant with the local school curriculum.  This tutorial includes guiding students to use SCRATCH 2.0 programming language and a Robotics Kit to develop STEM activities, such as traffic lights, Earth’s Rotation and Revolution and the water cycle, etc.  It also includes using GPS together with Google Map / Google Earth to develop STEM activities.


VR / AR /MR Teaching Resources Development

Octopus applies the latest technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), etc. to develop unique AR, VR or MR resources for the education market. Teachers and students can walk out of the classroom and enter a virtual journey in a flash, whether it is in-depth investigation of ancient tombs or even going back to the past, thus making teaching and learning a fun and enjoyable journey.

School-based Website Design

Octopus designs unique school-based websites using materials provided by schools jazzed up by our professional graphic designs.  Equipped with our easy-to-use web management system, teachers and school administrative staff could quickly and easily upload information and photos on the websites.


Other Products and Services

Octopus provides diversified services to customers with cutting-edge technologies.

  • Design specific IT services and applications
  • Innovative indoor positioning system suitable for online marketing
  • Design unique instant retrieval and archiving system
  • Develop and maintain large-scaled and cross-platform electronic bookshelf system

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