iBrainPro® – Integrated eLearning Platform


Turning teaching on its head!

Turn passive learning into active exploration         

                        A dull classroom into an exciting journey

Break the time and space continuum

       Enables boundless possibilities for teaching and learning

Turn passive learning into active exploration
A dull classroom into an exciting journey

Break the time and space continuum
Enables boundless possibilities for teaching and learning


Octopus is committed to promote e-learning and has created iBrainPro®, a one-stop e-Learning and education platform which combines gamification and instant interactive discussion. It perfectly fits all schools, groups, enterprises and individuals.

Rich interactive functions include voting, quick answer race, highlight, matching, sorting, fill-in-the-blanks, drawing, flip classroom, multiple choice, multiple matching, essay question, and audio recording, etc.

iBrainPro® combines with the big data analytics system iBrainAI® developed by Octopus becomes a simple learning management system (LMS).  Its feature of providing reports on individual students, subjects, and the school as a whole allows teachers to completely grasp individual students’ ability and learning progress. This greatly helps teachers to develop or improve their teaching methods and tutorials.  The unique AI module also enables teachers, even without any programming knowledge, to build AI models and conduct various analyses so as to arrive at accurate predictions about students’ performance.

How to integrate traditional teaching into a 21st Century Classroom?

As an innovative eLearning system, iBrainPro® can quickly collect and store students’ data for evaluation.  Teachers can give instant feedback to students and that enhances the benefits of interactive teaching.  iBrainPro® is tied in with the QB Mall™ which provides teachers with ample teaching resources.  iBrainPro® is cross-platform and can be used on all devices and operating systems. Therefore, teachers and students can now interact anytime and anywhere!


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Instant access to alternate teaching resources
  • Sharing of self-created teaching materials
  • All-rounded real-time interaction between teachers and students
  • Integration of all common e-learning features on one platform
  • Equipped with Hashtag and QR Code functions
  • Suitable for pre-lesson, in-lesson and after-lesson discussions
  • Compatible with Google Classroom
  • Promote creative and interesting teaching
  • Compatible with international e-learning standards, such as LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability), QTI (Question & Test Interoperability), facilitating data exchange
  • Cater to the needs of e-learning in the 21st Century

iBrainPro® ~ Best Teaching and Learning Partner


Best Teaching and Learning Partner



Unlimited Potential

With iBrainPro®, teachers can create all types of interactive discussions in a few simple steps, such as videos, graphs, drawings, highlights, etc, diversify the tutorials.


Sharing of Teaching Resources

iBrainPro® is tied in with a trading platform for teaching resources QB Mall™ which provides ample teaching resources of various subjects and allows teachers to upload and sell their self-created teaching materials.  This facilitates the exchange of teaching resources all over the world.


Instant Feedback

iBrainPro® provides two unique functions, namely Drawing Discussion and Highlight Discussion.  These functions enable teachers to interact with multiple students at the same time and highlight the key learning points and point out the students’ errors.  Students can instantly respond to the teachers’ comments, while teachers can immediately adjust their teaching strategies, creating a bidirectional e-learning environment.


Collaborative Learning

iBrainPro® is the ideal collaborative e-learning platform.  Students can be grouped according to topics of discussion and answer questions as well as express their opinions in a small group via their mobile devices.  Teachers can see all the students’ responses on the screen and immediately give specific feedback to students to address learners’ diversity and stimulate learning motives.  Students can also use the Peer Review function to respond to a particular student’s answer and conduct extended discussion, thus increasing their level of understanding to a topic.


Cloud-based Teaching

iBrainPro® can be used on all devices and is compatible with all operating systems.  Thus, teachers and students can interact with each other not only in class, but also after class to go over any topic, thus encouraging students to conduct extended discussions.  iBrainPro® transcends traditional teaching boundaries to allow fluid and continued teaching to attain the objective of instant interaction.


Self-Directed Learning

The unique Video Discussion function of iBrainPro® allows teachers to easily edit YouTube clips and then add files, photos, Powerpoints, etc. to make their own videos.  They can also add questions at specific times of the videos to stimulate students’ thinking and encourage the students’ self-directed learning.  iBrainPro® is the best choice for flipped classroom lectures or after-class activities.

iBrainPro® Integrates with Big Data Analytics System iBrainAI®

Octopus has developed a big data analytics system iBrainAI®.  When integrated with iBrainPro®, iBrainAI® becomes the first choice of e-learning management system (LMS) for the teachers in the 21st century. 

Remarkable features:

  • Establish individual student accounts
  • Results will be recorded directly into the system
  • Record results of both internal and external exams, tests, homework, group assignments, etc.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface; teachers can select their own subjects and enter individual students’ scores.
  • Results and assessments of individual students will be recorded year after year and that enables teachers, parents and students a full grasp of students’ learning progress.
  • Comprehensive and detailed reports can be generated which enables teachers to formulate or modify teaching methods and courses, thus promoting adaptive teaching.
  • With a unique AI module, teachers can build their own AI models and conduct various analyses to arrive at accurate predictions of students’ performance.
  • Can work independently or integrate with iBrainPro® to obtain students’ assessment data.